7 de marzo de 2012

There were good times, when you can only feel love and the other person is absolutely perfect. You can say, life is pink at first.

But then you have a few fights, nothing heavy, and forgiveness is so easy.

Being in love is literally being on the clouds, is literally being stoned, you forget about everything, the only thing in your mind is the person you love.

I fell in love with an amazing person, and I’m still in love with him.
He changed my life, he made me happier, but he also made me learn from mistakes (mine and his).

I have to admit, we had awful times, but who doesn’t? Who’ve never made a mistake?
Sorry, I’m not perfect.

And then, things get weir and twisted. And you meet another part of the other’s personality that you haven’t seen before. You know him sad and angry, that’s where pink turn to grey, and smiles turn into tears.
But well, everyone knows that’s part of relationships.

Doubts appeared. I told him “this relationship will be over when love’s gone”.

Complicated times nowadays. But there still is a little flame of love that keeps us together.
We became inpatients, strict and demanding. But we still fighting, we just want to be happy, or just ok at least. I’m not going to give up until I know there’s no more love.

In the middle of this, our heads have a mess of wires that makes us think bad things. We need to know that we must not hurt each other, or that will destroy us. We cannot let unreal thoughts or bad moments be more important than the good ones, and real love.

I’m truly in love with him, I would never cheat on him, I just want him to be happy.
Happiness doesn’t mean the other person has to do everything you want, in part it’s necessary the change and in the other hand some things must be accepted.

It’s important to be clear about feelings, and the most important is to feel happy about it. It’s also relevant to keep the feet on the ground. Selfishness doesn’t count. You always have to think about the other’s feeling, because it’s like you’re connected, and if the person you love it’s not okay, that automatically makes you feel the same way.

I admit I made mistakes, I have a lot to learn and a lot to live. I will always try to do my best, it’s not always possible, no one has a perfect life in which everything turns out to be as they want. I will try hard on this relationship, as long as I consider what is acceptable and what is non-sense, because you always have to respect your values, just don’t lose your mind, and always remember who you are.

This is how I feel Max. Don’t think I gave up on us, cause I didn’t.
I still love you