30 de junio de 2010

Happy Birthday M


Gorgeous, Unique, Irreplaceable, goddess, Unrepeatable, Funny, Beautiful, Happy, Smiling, Brilliant, Excellent, Generous, Nice, Enjoyable, Congenial, Likable, Pleasant, Perfect, Intelligent, Terrific, Smart, Diva, Trendy, Fashion, Chic, Girly, Energic, Fabulous, Cordial, Cool, Great, Super, Special..These aren´t even half of the adjectives that describes you..

We've been BFF since 1999..we were lice!
and now we´re seventeen-year-old girls..
I can´t believe how fast time passed, can you?
Remember all those mmrs..
When we were two spoiled little girls
and we got the world ahead
we were mean girls
it was all about us
it was like: Watch out! cause here we come!
I think all our classmates hated us..don´t you?
anyway, we were unstopable!

I´m going to skip the sad part of the story..

Now we see each other from time to time
and I really miss you when I´m not with you
But when I´m with you, I have the best times of my life
And I keep those moments in my ♥
I always remember them
specially when I´m sad cause those mmrs cheer me up
and If I´m not sad, They make my day even better!

But thanks to the Magnific Technology
We´re increasingly connected..
Cause I remember a few years ago
writing and sending letters to you
and looking foward your answering
waiting a huge envelope full of draws
and handwritten letters
Nowadays, we communicate through the holy facebook
and wonderful sms:)

We went through lots of things together
When we used to play with Floppy&Lalita
and we celebrated their baptism, birthdays, etc, etc..
We loved those moments
and we thought we would never stop playing with them
but, look at us now..
we totally grew up!!
we´re not little girls anymore, let´s face it!

And now, here we are
planning our futures..
something terrifying, but exciting at the same time
It´s a mixture of many feelings together
I´m thinking about which is my vocation
and I have so many doubts and fears..
I´m so insecure!

But, I have something clear..
I want to see you more often
If it´s possible, I would like to live in the same city as you
I will never replace you
You are and will always be my best friend
You are my soulmate
My sister
Summarizing, you´re MY EVERYTHING!

Thank you so much for everything
Thanks for all this shared time
Thanks for the wonderful holidays together
Thanks for always being there, in spite of the distance
Thanks for the support and understanding
Thanks for making me so happy!

I just wanted to remind you
how important and indispensable you are in my life
and how proud I am of our friendship

Happy Birthday:)

26 de junio de 2010

The LONDON girl