28 de febrero de 2011

Starbucks in hand

25 de febrero de 2011

23 de febrero de 2011

inspired by Tyler Shields

Hell yes! It feels gooooooood

but i still keep on eatin' it♥
Lydia Hearst+Alex Pettyfer+Leven Rambin= The Perfect Threesome

There's also an amazing video
If you liked this shoot, you should watch it!
You can find it on tylershield.com
Or click here: http://www.rightcelebrity.com/?p=11714

22 de febrero de 2011

I'm totally shocked! i've just found out that some songs that i thought that were Lindsay's, were not!
Songs like Out of my mind, blue, can't you see and something were from Lasgo, she is a beutiful girl whose voice is similar to Lindsay's voice!:( 
I'm kinda sad cause i love Lindsay's voice due to the fact that it was unique and i easily recognise it! but i confused..cause they both have the same great voice..
but well, i still think that Lindsay has the best voice and she is the best!! i love her..
but lasgo rocks too!