7 de septiembre de 2010

Super Cute
Cooking with my BFF
Adorable Cupcackes♥
Here´s our lazy recipe:)
- Cream in box
- a pack of madalenas, so that we skip baking them:O
- a cute food coloring
- colorfull candies
- Loud music
- Your Best Friend
- FUN!

Prepare the cream, it´s a basic:

Then you add the food colouring, we picked a shocking-pink one

The next and most difficult step of this extra-easy recipe is decorating the muffin with our barbie cream

Sprinkle the colors!!

As i was spoiling the decoration with my sloppy virginity on preparing cupcackes, i decided to make this cute poster:P
'I'm better with a pencil rather than a spoon'(?)
And the last and most enjoyable thing is to break your diet and eat them all until there are no crumbs left:D

We´re not the best cooks, i know..
And our future is not in a kitchen either..
But our cupcackes had the power of the friendship!! LOL
I had a really good time and a terrible stomachache:)

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maru dijo...

oh nice post!!! i remember the times with you, and make me so sad, cause you are my bff and i miss u so much! i need you....love you!