13 de mayo de 2010

♥ BFF ♥

I wish you the best in this day honey:)
Thanks for the laughs,for the shared moments..
for everithing!!
You're very important in my life..
and you make me so happy!!

I love watching movies with you, even tough they are the worst movies ever, like "Max Payne"& "Joven Soltera y furiosa"..
I love when we laugh about everything and everybody..we're kinda bitches..you know;)
I love hanging out with you..Waffles in Pire..Beto's and scary little girls staring at us..words that were said in inappropriate moments, you know what im talking about..
I love planning things for the future..like travelling to LA and staying at our friend's place, Samara Morgan..I MEAN! SAMANTHA RONSON!!LOL..or having a Salchicha♥
finally..I LOVE YOU MORE THAN C-!!!
Happy Birthday Biatch!!

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